Hi just a quick write up on print finishing, what it is and what we can offer.

Print Finishing is basically what happens to your printed product after it has been printed. The most common ones are laminating, encapsulating, folding, creasing, collating, perforating, numbering, binding and padding.

Laminating is where a plastic film is heat applied over the sheet giving the printed sheet a protective coating. This comes in either a Matt finish or gloss finish. Matt lamination gives a modern subtle soft contemporary look where as gloss lamination gives the sheet a gloss shiny finish.

This can be used on business cards leaflets menus and invitations and add extra quality to the product. A laminated product enhances both the look and how it feels when handled by customers. We offer Matt or gloss lamination in house on our matrix duo roll laminating machine.

Encapsulation is where the sheet of paper is placed into a plastic wallet and heat sealed, the plastic extends beyond the paper and the paper is sealed inside. This can be done in various thicknesses of plastic and is very good for waterproofing the product. This is also another service we offer in house.

Thanks for reading I will be writing about the other print finishing options in the near future
Riz 🙂

Advent Printers Preston