In the last few years the printing industry has changed in a massive way by the introduction of digital printing. Back in the day the only way to get anything printed was litho printing, which involved getting metal plates made, setting up a printing press and then printing, usually a large quantity, getting small a small quantity of a printed product was unheard of as the cost would just be to much.

Then came the introduction of digital printing, a way to print small quantities without the costs of plates and machine set up times. With the advanced technology we have available to us the digital presses are built to produce print at quality as good as if not better than the litho printing process.

This changed the printing world in a massive way by giving printers the capability to print small quantities at great prices and very quickly. For example a new start up business customer can walk into any printers with a design on a pen drive and walk out 15min later with 100 flyers and 10 posters something which would never have happened 20 years ago.

This also enabled printers to offer an express service where customers can have there printed products on the same day they order. It also encouraged smaller businesses to spend money on printing as they didn’t have to spend great amounts for large quantities and could order small runs.

In this short video I have made I briefly want to show and explain how digital printing works.

The flyers being printed in the video were ordered less than 24 hours before they were coming out of the press. First of all a pdf design is made of the flyer then it is impositioned 4 up on a SRA3 sheet. This is then inserted into the machine workstation and the size of paper, which tray it will feed the paper from and paper thickness etc are selected.

Once this is done it’s as simple as clicking on the print button and off we go. Within an hour 1000 a5 leaflets printed ready.

These are then guillotined to size packed and delivered to the customer. Investing in the Xerox digital press we have was the best business move we made as this now gives us the capacity to print any printed product quick all in house. This enables us to deal with smaller businesses, whilst providing short run work for the bigger organisations who change their print and marketing material regularly.

So if you need printing and you need it quick get in touch with us we just love to print!

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