Here at Advent Print in Preston, we offer a professional printing service. This covers a huge range of materials and mediums from hot foil printing to business cards and flyers. One of the services we really enjoy working on is wedding printing. We tackle everything from colour schemes to themes, you name it, we can make it happen for your special day. This is our guide to the advantages of professional wedding printing.

Quality control

Every wedding is a one off occasion that deserves the ultimate care taken to ensure that every little detail is perfect. This is something that professional wedding printing can help you to ensure. Whether its your seating plan, or your menus, we can guarantee that each item we print will be the best quality, with no smudges, lines or fading in sight. After all your guests need to know what to order, and where to sit, with no confusion to detract from your special day.

In contrast, you cant guarantee the print quality produced from a standard printing machine. One of the common problems is that as soon as they begin to run out of ink, the colour is printed inconsistently and with lines. This can really ruin your day and cause problems, just like any other corners you cut when planing your wedding. Just imagine the chaos when Uncle Rob is sat in Uncle Bob’s seat, next to his ex wife, because nobody could read the seating plan! Dont take the risk, choose a professional printing company.


Planning and organizing a wedding is hard work, and it takes a lot of time and effort. Making your wedding invitations, wedding tags, and place names can be just one of the tasks that you can delegate. Choose a professional and friendly company that are dedicated to creating the designs that you want to see, and you wont be disappointed.

If you need wedding printing, from invites to itineraries, contact the professional today here at Advent Print.

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