The hot foil printing process is the only printing process which enables us to print metallic gold and silver onto labels (other processes can print a look alike gold but not metallic). It is basically using heat at the right temperature along with just the right amount of pressure to apply metallic foil to label materials such as paper, vinyl and clear polyesters.

The hot foil press also enables us to print on Clear vinyl and polyester and also produce clear vinyl seals. These are ideal for sealing boxes, greeting cards, mailing cartons and used by many businesses.

The short video above shows the basic hot foil process on our old but excellent Markem Foiling Press.

First of all a aluminium plate has to be made with the print image on. I will also upload a video in due course on the design and plate making process. Once the plate is made it is cut out and screwed onto the plate holder, this is then inserted into the machine and heated up. The machine is then loaded with the cutter required for the specific label.

These can be any size and shape up to 101x101mm and any shape. We have ovals rectangles circles hearts and stars in stock. The machine in the video is printing with a 36mm diameter circle. Once this is all in place the image is lined up and registered with the cutter. As you can see black vinyl is going into the machine being printed with the gold foil, cut with the circle cutter and also being laminated with gloss clear polyester. This ensures the finished label is waterproof and weatherproof and ok for outdoor use. It is then rewound at the other end of the machine and the waste is re reeled at the top. This is great way of producing gold printed labels on vinyl that are laminated.

This machine enables us to offer labels to our customers of various shapes sizes and colours. We have 100s of cutters in stock so have the capability to produce a label of almost any shape and size required. With the many different material colours and foil colours we have available we believe we can fulfil all your label printing requirements at the right price, great quality and with a very fast turnaround time.

So if you need a printed label, Any shape, any size any colour feel free to get in touch. We do it all!

Advent Printers Preston