Floor Stickers

The on-going Covid-19 crisis has resulted in higher expectations of each individual in relation to safety and social distancing. To help keep you up to date with the CDC’s latest advice, Advent Print brings you social distancing floor stickers to control large crowds and maintain social distancing within your business.

We can ensure that our stickers are:

Slip resistant
Premium quality
Fade resistant
Scratch proof
Durable enough to be used indoors and outdoors
Able to withstand repetitive cleaning
Effective in controlling customer queues and encouraging one-way traffic amongst workers.

At Advent Print we can supply you with our ready-to-use stickers or we can design the stickers to incorporate your brand identity.

At Advent Print in Preston, we design and produce a vast range of high-quality full colour printed labels and stickers for an array of clients across the UK. In 2015 we expanded our business by purchasing Kontakt Labels, to leverage their knowledge and expertise gained during their 30 years in business.

Find out more about how Advent Print, the expert label and sticker printers in Preston, can help showcase your business logo and gain maximum impact for your brand with distinctive and high-quality custom printed labels and stickers.