Funeral Order of service Printing

A funeral order of service is a printed booklet which is given out at funerals to guests and family members. It mainly informs the guests of the order of the actual funeral service and includes the hymns and readings. It will also include cherished photographs which are dedicated to your oved one. Legally it must include the name, date of birth and death and the venue and time of the funeral service.

We know the pain and heartache you will be going through when planning the funeral of a loved one, and we would like to help take the pressure off you at this difficult time by offering you our personal funeral order of printing service here in Preston.

From the initial consultation to design print and finish we are here to assist you. You and your guests can pay their respects to your loved ones with a funeral order of printing service which will not only celebrate the life of your nearest and dearest but which can be cherished and kept forever. We print these on high quality card or in booklet format.

So, for a fast and efficient funeral order of service printing service in Preston and the surrounding areas please do get in touch with us. We have produced these for many clients over the years and some which have been produced within twenty-four hours.

Our testimonials speak for themselves see below how we made sure a lovely client of ours who was flying back from the US for her mother’s funeral was going to have a stress-free flight and have one less thing to worry about after contacting us to design and print the funeral order of service booklets for her beloved mum.

Gail Varble

This company is OUTSTANDING! I needed Order of Service booklets for my mum’s funeral which was unexpected. I live in the US and I spoke to Riz and explained that by the time I got there I’d only have 2 days to get them printed. He assured me that they would do it and he was true to his word. In fact, they were designed and printed within 24 hours. Riz is extremely efficient and he kept me informed every step of the way. The booklets were stunning! The designer was extremely helpful and did a wonderful job. Once again, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM. Thank you Riz.