Here at Advent Print, we are Preston’s leading commercial print company. This includes commercial labels. Our hot foil printing, or hot foil stamping, labels are one of the most popular choices for our clients. But why is hot foil printing so popular? And what are the advantages of hot foil printing?

High Visibility

Hot foil printing results in a top quality, high visibility label. Consumer psychology has shown that the more appealing the product packaging is, the more likely consumers are to pay attention.

In addition, consumers not only pay attention, but their attention is drawn to this type of packaging before any other as it stands out on the shelf. As a result, your product sales can soar.

Perceived Value

As many large companies and food and beverage industries already use foil stamping, it has become associated with higher quality. In the consumer market, where perception is essential to action, this is a huge advantage.

Associating your product with higher quality than the other, similar products on the shelf can increase your sales, and raise brand awareness.

Colour Choices

The only printing process that can create metallic labels, hot foil printing offers a range of colour options.
From metallic gold and silver, to metallic reds, purples and essentially any colour you want. As a result, whatever colour scheme your company branding is interested in, hot foil printing can suit and compliment the style.

In addition, there are a range of foil effects that can be applied to give your label and product a whole new outlook. These include marble, snakeskin, leather, pearl, and wood.

Fully Customisable

Many of our clients have presumed that hot foil printing cannot be customisable. This is definitely not the case. In fact, each die is custom made for your design.

In summary

There are many advantages of hot foil printing. These include the high visibility, the perceived product quality, the colour choices and the customisable options. If you would like more information, why not contact us today at Advent Print, Preston?

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